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10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Texas

Texas bluebonnet field at sunrise

You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas. ~ Davy Crockett

Many people are moving to Texas. My entire immediate family left California and moved to Texas over the past decade. One of my relatives ran a commercial refrigeration firm in Northern California for years. He got so sick of the regulations that he decided to move his business to Texas. Now, he runs the same company here.

Every day I see more new license plates from out of state. California, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, and many others. For a middle-class person, Texas is hard to beat. Are you a productive citizen who is sick of your state? Here are the top ten reasons why you should move down to Texas:

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1) Low Taker Vs. Maker Ratio

Texas has a low “taker versus maker” ratio. This ratio compares private employees (makers) with public sector employee and welfare recipient (takers) for all fifty states. A low ratio means Texas has public sector salaries and welfare costs well under control.

2) Low Taxes

Texas is famous for having no personal income tax and no corporate income tax. So how does the Lone Star State earn tax revenue? Well, there’s a state sales tax, which can be as high as 8.25% depending on the county and city. And Texas also levies property taxes. So keep that in mind if you plan on buying a home here…

3) Low Cost Of Living

Many people complain that Texas has low-wage jobs. Well, it is true that wages can be lower in Texas. However, the cost of living is lower as well, so it evens out! You don’t have to spend much to have a good quality of life here. Food, rent, and health care costs – they’re generally all lower. Gas and utilities are less expensive as well. The Lone Star State has its own power grid. So Texas electricity is cheaper than in other states. And for business owners, light regulation means less money to start up and run a business.

4) Cheaper Real Estate

Texas is massive – it’s always been land-rich. There is just more real estate here, so it’s cheaper when compared to other places. Out-of-state residents can do well selling higher priced property and then using the proceeds to buy cheaper land in Texas. Of course, there are expensive areas. But most people will be able to find piece of Texas to call home.

5) Low Unemployment

Texas has low unemployment rates. It helps that so many companies come here, bringing new jobs with them. Some argue that jobs in Texas are low paying, and do not offer health insurance. Consider the fact that Texas has a very young population. Included in the employment figures are data for high school kids and underage workers. These jobs typically pay less, and do not offer insurance. That skews the data.

6) Weak Unions

Texas does have unions. The state is not immune to union action as we saw with the recent union showdown at Hostess in Dallas. Historically though, Texas has been unfriendly to unions. Texas is a right to work state. Want to join a union? No one will stop you. But unlike in some other, less enlightened states, no one can force you join a union here. Texas is a good place to work if you value your personal freedom and don’t like being forced to join obsolete organizations.

7) Good Schools

Despite what you may have heard, Texas has a strong education system. Texas takes care of minority and economically disadvantaged students as graduation rates show. Some people like to portray Texans as just a bunch of dumb hillbillies, but these numbers are hard to deny. Texas is also home to many world-class colleges including the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Rice University. Texas also allows parents the freedom to home-school their children.

8) Friendly People

I’ve lived in California, New Jersey, and Texas. And I’ve traveled to numerous foreign countries. I can tell you that most Texans are very friendly and down-to-earth. Race relations in Texas are good and most Texans are very tolerant of others. The larger cities here are incredibly diverse.

9) Respect For The 2nd Amendment

In Texas, you have the right to defend yourself. You can own and carry a gun. You do not need a permit or license to buy a firearm in Texas. You do need a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Texas is a Shall Issue state, which means it is relatively easy for law-abiding citizens to get a concealed handgun license.

10) Very Little Snow

I love snow. But after spending three winters living on the East Coast, I’d had enough. It barely snows in Texas. When it does snow, it is light when compared to the East Coast or Northern states. If you have ever spent time living up North, I do not have to explain why this is attractive.

If you are a person who values your freedom then Texas is a great place to be. It has some downsides, mainly the weather. And fire ants. But overall, the pros out weigh the cons.

Are you sick of your state and its rules and taxes?

Sell your house, quit your job, and pack your car.

Come start over in Texas!

Moving To The Lone Star State? Find Jobs In Texas

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  • jasmine

    This gave me good reasons. But, I hate TX history. I got a 66.

    • Moving To Texas

      History is over-rated, move to Texas anyway. ;)

  • CapnFoo

    Thinking about moving from NJ down to Texas. Thanks for making my decision a little more decisive.

    • Moving To Texas

      No problem. I love New Jersey. But, I think you’ll like it here too.

    • Paul Scott

      Coming from NJ, Texas will be like heaven to you.

  • Sybil Ludington

    Love Texas and Texans (well except for that Wendy Davis and Sheila Jacka $ $ Lee) and will be down as soon as we can. Husband is a native born Texan so I’m a Texan in law… If Texas secedes, we’ll be down sooner to help defend her.

    • Moving To Texas

      Nice. Let us know how you like it, once you’re here.

  • Mike

    Been thinking of moving out of Arizona and couldn’t decide where to go. After reading about Austin, I have decided that is where I want to be. Next year I will be making the move and hopefully be able to find a job soon after

    • Moving To Texas

      Yes, I’m here in Austin. Love it here, it’s a great place to live. Dallas and Houston are good choices too. Take a look at our jobs search page if you’re on the hunt for a new career in the Lone Star State:

  • fadwa

    Thank you im also thinking of moving next year, its much too expensive here in VA

    • Moving To Texas

      No worries. Yes, you should come on down here to Texas.

  • Diana

    Texas…The next California once the liberals take over….

    • Brady W

      Already happening.

    • Han S Ly

      No, we don’t need Liberals in Texas!

  • Diana

    I love Texas and always have…I want it to stay the way it is but I fear that a lot of people want to move there because they already voted in liberals in their own states and now they want to leave what they themselves created….Very sad because they won’t change…They will just try to change Texas…

    • Moving To Texas

      Yeah, I hear you. But hopefully, enough like-minded people will continue moving here so that doesn’t happen. Maybe that will keep it more red, or at least purple.

      • Diana

        I would be there today if I could….But it’s going to be a couple of years…

      • Bill

        I am not sure that will happen anytime soon. I work for a
        large company in San Antonio (no, not oil) and because the job market is so
        good here we have had trouble filling accounting positions. Our company started
        a nationwide search and after interviewing many candidates from all over the
        country including the Midwest and Northeast, I find most of them are opposed to
        almost all liberal ideologies. This is just what I have seen.

  • Bill

    I am a recent transplant (18 months) from Chicago land and
    after doing an incredible amount of research my wife and I decided on moving
    our family (have three daughters) to San Antonio. I found a job (work in accounting)
    and my wife was able to transfer with her company. This was the best decision
    we have ever made. Chicago weather is depressing, the economy is crumbling, the
    cost of living and taxes are suppressing, and the political environment is
    criminal (literally). We just couldn’t take it anymore. I had a 3 hour round
    trip commute to work and after eleven years it was time for a change.

    Texas has been a 360 turn around, everything is more
    affordable (yes, even property taxes) and my commute is now only 25 minutes
    each way. People are nicer, life is way easier, and we are even relatively close
    to both the beach and the mountains. Plus, we trend more towards the right politically
    so it has been refreshing to find people that share our views. The education
    system is good too and we are coming from top rated schools in the suburbs of

    If you are from the Midwest or anywhere else for that matter
    I would suggest a move. Plain and simple.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hey Bill. Thanks for the comment.

      That’s sad; Chicago is truly one of America’s great cities.

      But I’m glad you and your family have done well here…and I agree on the moving recommendation!

      • Paul Scott

        You mean WAS one of America’s great cities.

      • Mary Doinwhat Ihavetodo Bishop

        Hi my name is mary and im from mobile, al. I dont have nowhere to live right now and have no income with one son yes ive been workin yea i use to have somewhere to live, than boom life happens its years of stories i have to tell behind this situation…. right now im to the point im ready to leave Alabama i cant find no good job i need some type of income i need a stable foundation for my son hes 2 going to be 3 in August, he needs a new population, where you have a better outcome in life… I WANT TO MOVE TO TEXAS….i need help

        • Jon Maaj

          It’s a nice move, I did move from Miami over a year now and never spent more than a week job hunting. Again , what you looking for and your skillset may b a factor on how fast you get employed. So What’s your skill set, what type of job you looking at? Texas is affordable and a lot diverse with varied opportunities. The question would be where do u plan to settle Houston, Dallas, Austin , San Antonio… this will determine to a small extent the jobs you may be open to easily. As for rent it’s cool but not as low as AL I suppose but good

    • Collective

      You mean 180…

    • sherry

      I am moving to Texas soon from Chicago,What will I miss?I know I won’t miss the cold and rain and snow.

    • Mooseknuckle

      Texas Forever! i met a girl downtown san antonio after a night of partying (pat o briens, check it out along with howl at the moon) she was from russia, we were actually walking around yelling texas forever, asking people if theyre from texas or if they love texas i came across her asked her and she actually had it tatted on her foot (the state of texas) she moved from russia to texas lol welcome to texas

  • Moving To Texas

    Sadly, I’ve seen the same thing.

  • Ryan

    I have now lived in Texas for majority of my life. Although I never found a passion for the culture here (prefer northern culture), but all the other pros outweigh the small amount of culture I eneviably encounter. TX has so many different areas, I can visit a different city every weekend and feel like I traveled out of state. Not to mention the major airport hub in my backyard incase I do feel like getting away for the weekend. mild winters, low cost of living, and highly paid executives make Texas a great place to make your new home. Buy a $50k truck of your choice and say “ya’ll”(two things I won’t do), then people might think you were born here.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hey Ryan. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s not a perfect. But I agree that the pros outweigh the cons.

  • thetruthseeker

    Hello All,

    I have been doing a lot of research on moving down to Texas, currently n Indiana and originally from N.J.
    I heard many great things about Austin, but have been unable to secure a job. Where should I start next Dallas or Houston. So far what I like about Indiana is lower cost of living vs. NJ, clean, quiet, no traffic, no tolls.

    Thank you all in advance for your efforts.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi there. Thanks for visiting my site.

      I’ve never been to Indiana, so I can’t compare it to Texas. I personally prefer Dallas over Houston, but both have lots to offer. Houston is a bigger city, has more of a Southern vibe. Dallas is like a cross between the Midwest and Los Angeles.

      You should check out our sister site to find jobs:

      • thetruthseeker

        will do, ty

      • susie

        what is the diversity in texas ? was hoping to move there

        • Moving To Texas

          It’s a very diverse state.

  • Louie

    Definitely moving to Texas within a year. Just finished a two week tour of the Eastern half of the Greatest State I have seen (37 so far). Haven’t settled on the area yet. Just North of Houston or the Longview area are very high on the list.. Any recommendations or comments are welcome.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi Louie

      Thanks for the comment. Obviously, Longview is a small town, while Houston is one of the largest cities in the country. So really, just depends on what you prefer.

      Hopefully, some other readers who’ve lived in those TX cities can discuss the pros and cons…

      • calygirl

        Is texas a second chance state?
        I want to move there to start over begin a new life have a fresh start and wondering if it is a second chance state

        • Moving To Texas

          Hmm not sure what you mean…

  • Tom Stright

    Good read but do your homework on Unions. Not all are cut from the same cloth.

    • dak9554

      As a resident of Washington State, I can tell you that the unions are single-handedly ruining this state. With Boeing, $15 an hour(union backed) and now the Port, (which is now being closed down because the unions are in a slowdown) Washington is becoming the new Detroit. I love WA state and have lived here 20+ years but it has come to a point where I just don’t want to be part of this sinking ship.

    • Moving To Texas


    • anainsocal

      Not all Californians are cut from the same cloth either. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I hate the liberal attitude. I’m moving to Texas in a couple of years.

  • James Tuyen

    I’m from Chicago and went to Houston last yr for vacation. I love the state. People are so friendly. Taxes are low and weather is amazing. I have been thinking about moving my family to Texas. I’m just so sick and tired of the corruption in IL.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi James. Come on down, we’d love to have you!

  • Linda

    I am from California and we moved here eight years ago,. I must say there are lots of things about Texas that are good. People are nice, housing is cheap, HEB is the best grocery store ever, lots of restaurants and activities. For me, the weather is difficult most of time, I get sick in the heat and I do not like the cold, which leaves a few weeks a year for me. I miss walking every day. The property tax here is crazy expensive.

    Anyway, there is good and bad everywhere, just be certain you take everything into consideration BEFORE you leave the place you love. We had to move for financial reasons and have been blessed to have a beautiful (second house) new home that is paid for. We have no retirement, but a good business right now. I worry about our future, but try to live in the moment. I miss my only child and his family so much and cannot go back but once a year. I think if we could go back 3-4 times a year, I would be OK.

    Just my thoughts on moving. Ca doesn’t have Torchy’s Tacos either!! Boy would I miss the food I enjoy here. Thanks for letting me say my piece.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hey Linda. True, Texas has pros & cons. I agree with you about the heat, it gets tiring after a while. And yes, Torchy’s is addictive. ;)

    • NRAmerica

      Umm, you haven’t been to Wegmans if you think HEB is the best :)

    • Brady W

      Then please don’t come here, the rest of you Californians are ruining Austin and the rest of Texas, just go away!

    • John Mosley

      You want to talk high taxes? Here in CT they tax your car as property every year, too. If your mill rate is 42 you pay $42 on every $1000 your vehicle is worth. Yeah, do the math!

    • Jane

      My Son & his wife in UK are thinking about moving there. Now they are expecting their first baby & the move is hopefully a way in the future it’s strange to want to move from such good friends & close family when they have never been to Texas !

  • Rebekah

    My husband and I have decided to move to Texas. He retired from the Air Force a year ago and we landed in Sacramento. It was a terrible decision. The job market stinks, schools are mediocre at best, and crime is on the rise. Not to mention the political climate here. I can’t wait to start over in Texas. He is almost done with his accounting degree and is actively seeking work there. Thanks for the article! It definitely reassures me of our decision!

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi Rebekah,

      No problem, and thank you for the comment. Think you’ll enjoy your time here.

  • rachel

    I’m a born and raised Texan and I honestly don’t want yuppies and yankies in my state. Please don’t come here. You are ruining my home, I can’t stand your yankie accent I can’t stand you Californians. We don’t want you here.

    • Darsh

      Fine.. When you end up in California let me know. We will welcome you. Because, Californians are nice, open and welcoming to everybody from wherever.

    • bmg

      Where do you live Rachel? I will be sure to avoid you when I move to TX from NH.

    • Renee Safranek

      Lol. I’ll be there early next year from California. I would love to meet you so I can have a great laugh.

  • NRAmerica

    You (the writer) are the perfect reason to stay away from Texas. Equating the things you believe in with freedom, and thereby implying that people who you don’t agree with don’t like freedom. It’s that lack of empathy, that keeps me from ever going back to my place of birth.

    • Moving To Texas


    • Liberty First

      You are atoned.

  • Pamela Ensalaco

    Not all Californians are Liberal. I’m a conservative. I’m patriotic, and an American! I believe in American traditions, and support our troops. I’d like to get out of California. I’m originally from Nevada, the Silver State. Love country music and proud to be American.

    • Moving To Texas

      Very true.

      And despite stereotypes, not all Texans are conservative….

  • MJ

    How is the healthcare system in Texas???

    • Moving To Texas

      Well, this is America.

      So, pretty damn good.

  • Anastassia Sorokina

    Great read- thanks for giving me a much needed inspiration to get the f out of NYC, Mario! Think I can find a gig in the non profit/education sector?

    • Moving To Texas

      Yes, please check out our sister site if you want to find jobs in Texas:

  • Up

    Texas is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • Walter Gillies

    California has great weather, and can not think of anyone but welcoming people over the last three years since we bought real estate out there. Even the city planning department, who took two years, five revisions and thousands of dollars in fees were nice. This was to allow us to take down a couple of drywall sheet walls, triggered all kinds of crazy things.
    $150,000 and two years later, we got our building permit, for a job that started at $20,000 estimate. Now we have to wait for the inspector. The whole experience of getting a simple permit to do just about nothing in California feels like someone smashing the end off a bottle and jamming the sharp end in your face again and again. Oh yes-paid $30,000 property tax with zero ($0) rent income while waiting for the permit. It is not called tax; tax is fixed at 1%. But the city adds a half dozen other “bonds” for parks, water & sewer, roads, and the total bill is about 3.5%. Forget about that 1% property tax in California; that is not the whole story.

    Texas is sounding better and better.

    • Moving To Texas

      Come on down…

  • renee miller

    Hi my name is renee and I currently live in the Caribbean country called Trinidad. I was told by my cousin that texas is a good move if I want to leave trinidad but I need to find a job and place to live before I uproot. Any advice on the way forward

    • dak9554

      My wife and I have been looking to move and we found a lot of office jobs in Texas. We are planning on moving to Dallas. You can start as a receptionist and go to school and move up. My wife did that, now she is a CFO but started as a receptionist. So work hard and go to school and companies will line up to give you a job.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi Renee

      You can find a job using our sister site:

      I’d recommend Houston, Dallas, or Austin for new Caribbean immigrants. You’ll likely be able to find other folks from Trinidad in those places, and jobs will be more plentiful in these big cities. If you want a city or area that’s semi-tropical, check out Corpus Christi or South Texas.

  • dak9554

    Hopefully, I will be moving my business and family to Texas soon. As a Libertarian from Seattle, I am sick of the incompetence of the elected officials here. If they don’t change things next election, we will be moving to Dallas, January 1st, 2017. I LOVE Washington state, but I need to be practical and that means moving from the place I call home :( But Texas looks like a good state to call my new home. Any recommendations on the best neighborhoods in Dallas?

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi, thanks for stopping by. And yes, we would love to have you in the Lone Star State.

      People keep asking me about the best neighborhoods in Dallas. Unfortunately I’ve never lived in DFW, so hard for me to honestly recommend a specific place. I may do some more research and write a post about it…will let you know.

      In the meantime, hopefully some other readers can chime in…

    • Pleasenomore libs

      My wife and I moved to the suburban north Dallas area in 1986 from Illinois and have never looked back. Check out Richardson, Plano, Frisco, Allen or McKinney. This is a vibrant growing and strong values community. Toyota and Liberty Mutual are together moving 8,000 folks here over the next 3 years.

      • Moving To Texas

        Thank you for the information.

  • Liliana Anderson

    we are considering moving to the Dallas area and we want some help regarding information of schools. we want to live around very good public schools but also where the houses are affordable
    thank you for your help !!

    • Moving To Texas

      The city of Dallas is a good choice, it’s known for highly-rated school districts. And RE is still affordable there.

      • Momofblessings

        Wondering if they have special services for disabled children like Alta regional center that
        California has? School and continue to adults, autism, etc.

  • bmg

    Well, it’s been 9 months since I posted that I was moving to TX. We got here about 6 1/2 months ago in August when it was pretty hot. Now it is March and there has been a day of ice and a day of snow. These people don’t have a CLUE how to deal with the roads. They just close everything down and wait for it to melt or those who do go out drive like maniacs and have lots of accidents. DUH! And they call us Northerners names? I could think of a few for them! Still haven’t run into Rachel yet, hopefully she’s not one of my neighbors. Us Conservative Yankies ain’t no one to mess with. We fought the British and won, thank you very much. And at least us “yankies” were born in the US and we work for a living unlike your neighbors to the south who “sneak” into this county and live free off the TX and US govt. Why don’t you worry more about them coming to TX instead of Conservatives from New England?

    • Dont mess with Texas

      Your atttitude leaves something to be desired.
      You are displaying an us vs. Them mentality.
      Texas is not about that. EVERYBODY is welcomed here. You sound combative, hateful and a little crazy. Good, bad or indifferent; it’s Texas and makes no apologies. Either adapt or pack up and head back north.

  • Sonia

    Hello, I am from CT and I am considering moving to TX, preferable around Lytle TX (to be close to family). My husband works for the carpenters union and makes 60,000 a year. I am a stay at home mom but soon will be back to work. I have been reading about the pros and cons of moving to Texas. A lot of work, warmer weather, friendly people. A lot of gangs, poor salary, bad education are a few of the things I heard from TX. The main reason I want to move is because I am so tire of the cold weather and so much snow. I love CT and I don’t have anything bad to say about it, but I feel that the weather is getting worse. Does anyone knows the salary of an union carpenter in TX (just an estimate)? Is it true about the gangs? Can anyone recommend me a nice area around San Antonio or Lytle? How much should I expect to pay for a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment on a decent, quiet area? Thanks

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi, thanks for the comment. Hopefully some of our San Antonio readers can respond…

  • Mom of Two

    Considering moving out of NJ. Love the little town I live in but my husband has been out of work for a year (Technology industry) and its just so hard for him to find work here. It happens every few years… the company downsizes and he gets laid off. He makes good money but we are literally working poor(as is the case with most middle class in NJ). Highn cost of living, almost ten thousand a year in property taxes, etc… Just a little scared of the unknown. I have two kids, 4 and 7, and they are happy here. I worry about things I don’t know about in Texas raising a family. Is the drug epidemic as bad there as it is in the rest of the country? Is it a good place to raise a family that loves the outdoors, but also loves the convenience of having the beach, the mountains, and NYC all within one hour?

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi, yes Texas is a good place to raise a family & find a job.

      Sure there’s crime here too but it’s not out-of-control (yet).

      You may want to consider metro area like Houston or Austin…

      I lived in New Jersey for three years, and live in Austin now. I love it here.

      • Jessica

        Hi we are currently in Brooklyn NY and my husband has spoken of moving our family to San Antonio tx in the Roosevelt area can you shed some light on the living conditions in this area we have three little girls and we want what’s best for them . ages eight six and one

        • Moving To Texas


  • Mike

    I’m moving my family to Katy Texas. My brother lives there now and loves it. We grew up on Long Island NY. I can’t take the price of everything now and have fallen into a chaotic downward spiral and a need a positive change. I hope this is the change that I need for my family to survive. Any comments would be amazing.

    • Moving To Texas

      Welcome, we look forward to seeing you.

  • J.Record

    Hi I’m looking to move to Texas in the Arlington Area, I’m saving money for that move but I want to know what will be a good place to look for jobs? I have a college degree and I’m also playing Arena football in Kansas professional. I want to coach and possibly teach. Can anyone assist on how to go about moving?

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi, yes Dallas/Arlington/Ft. Worth are known for having a strong job market.

      I’d recommend looking at our sister site for specific jobs:

  • Maria

    I’m seriously thinking about moving to Texas from Florida as well. I have 2 1/2 college degrees, military and law enforcement background. My experience is that companies are not willing to pay for experience. I’ve had several interviews where the interviewer didn’t have an education and told me that I was not qualified enough. Silly rabbit…I just want a job not your position.

    • Moving To Texas

      Come on down…

  • Sharon

    I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area my entire life and the cost of living is killing me. A friend who lives in Missouri City, TX recently told me that I need to move to Houston. I’ve been reading all the pros and cons. My biggest concern is the schools. I am a single mom with a son who will be in 8th grade. He is also an elite basketball player. I am wondering how good the education and athletic programs are in the Houston area. Thanks for your feedback! :)

  • China Jones

    We are moving to Texas in a few months my 7yr old grandson and I tired of Chicago weather and all the senseless killing of little kids we are willing to share the moving expenses

  • Jasmin Lewis

    My boyfriend and I currently live in Wasilla, Alaska. We are planning to move to Texas spring of 2016. Most appealing to my bf is Corpus Christi. He works on the North Slope and will keep his job there while I will have to find work in the area. Any advice would be appreciated. We will more than likely drive two vehicles down as well. My main concerns are finding a decent job and place to live, we would like to buy a house there and I want to make sure we chose the right city.

  • Ryan Ivy

    My wife and I have just bought a home in the Texas Panhandle. We have had lots of help finding the perfect home up here. With the large amounts of rain this year many of the lakes and camping areas around have increased the ability to go out and have a great adventure. If and one is looking to move to the Texas panhandle area I would recommend them check out.

    Bushland Homes For Sale

  • AmericanG

    I’m a new yorker who is looking to find someplace more hospitable to my conservative view points and love of guns and freedom. I’ve heard Austin is pretty cool, but that there are bunch of liberals there? I’ll have to visit soon to check it out but is this true? I want to move somewhere my vote will actually count in 2016…

  • Leah Brown

    I currently live in Georgia and have been wanting to move to Texas for sometime now. I am at a new stage in my life where I want something new, different, fresh, and exciting. The job market here in the Atlanta area in my opinion is not getting any better. I don’t have a college degree but I do have so many interests that I know my possibilities could be endless. What about smaller towns in Texas? How well do they accept outsiders? When looking for a job would I be considered based on my skills or who i may or may not know in the company? I want to go into the medical field and I know I need to go back to school do they have any low cost training programs? If anyone has any good information or websites I can check out please let me know.

  • evamarie

    I moved from California (native) to Austin in 2004 and I will never go back. Don’t get me wrong. There are things, such as the Redwood trees that I miss, but overall, Austin is by far a better place to live. I love the politics here and I love the friendly people. The weather could be better, but every place has it’s pros and cons. As far as I’m concerned this is home and I’m grateful to all the Texans who made me feel welcome from day one.

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