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What’s Life Like In El Paso, Texas?

EL PASO Downtown

This far west Texas border town sits on the banks of the Rio Grande. El Paso is a high desert city steeped in legendary Wild West history. Split in half by the rugged Franklin Mountain Range, it’s the only Texas metro area that shares a border with Mexico and New Mexico. So it’s a unique blend of cultures, heavily influenced by a large Mexican-American population.

El Paso is similar to New Mexico, due to its geography, climate, and culture. If you are moving to El Paso, you will find the city is laid-back, slow-paced, and filled with friendly locals. If you’re planning on living in El Paso, you’ll find that it’s the kind of city that grows on you. Take a look at what to expect in El Paso.

Jobs In El Paso

Like the rest of Texas, jobs in El Paso are plentiful. According to the Brookings Institute, El Paso has one of strongest job markets in the nation. [1] The city has recovered nicely from the 2008-09 recession. The mining industry has done especially well. Western Refining is El Paso’s sole Fortune 500 Company.

Low Cost Of Living

El Paso has a low cost of living compared to other parts of the country. Real estate, services, and goods are all cheaper here. So your dollar will stretch farther. And of course there is no state income tax in Texas, although there is a sales tax. Property taxes can get high.

Low Crime

Low crime is one of the top reasons for living in El Paso. Despite its size and proximity to the border, it’s rated the safest large city in America. It’s the third time El Paso was rated first in the country for low crime rate. [2]

Cheaper Real Estate

El Paso has affordable real estate. As of June 2013, the median list price for a home in El Paso was about $150,000. Find new homes in El Paso.

Great Weather & Gorgeous Sunsets

El Paso is hot like a blast furnace. But if you like dry heat then it’s a great place to live. El Paso can get up into the triple digits in the summer. But, fall and spring are pleasant. Winters are mild, although the city can get some light snow and ice. El Paso is known for beautiful desert sunsets all year-round.

Fort Bliss

This US Army outpost is the second largest base in the country. Ft. Bliss extends up to New Mexico. Adjacent White Sands Missile Range is the largest US base. Ft. Bliss has a strong, positive economic impact on the region.

Franklin Mountains

The Franklin Mountains are stark, bare, and majestic. Almost completely devoid of trees, this rugged range is actually the southern tail of the Rocky Mountains. The Franklins run from north to south and cut the city of El Paso in half. Franklin Mountain State Park offers a great way to explore this mountainous wilderness area.

The University of Texas At El Paso (UTEP)

UTEP sports unique architecture inspired by the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. It was formerly called Texas Western college. UTEP is known for its engineering school and Miner football and basketball. It has an excellent library, decorated with artwork from the acclaimed World War II combat artist Tom Lea.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is El Paso’s sister city. Seen from above, the two combine to form one monster metropolis, one almost indistinguishable from the other. Only the thin blue ribbon of the Rio Grande cuts the two in half. Unfortunately, Juarez can be dangerous. It’s probably best explored with a local guide.

Southern New Mexico

Roam in the footsteps of the legendary Billy the Kid. El Paso borders New Mexico. Some surface streets on the west side of town run directly into the Land Of Enchantment. New Mexico is great for skiing in the mountains or gambling at Native American casinos. Check out the Camino Real for a nice day trip from El Paso to Old Mesilla, New Mexico. White Sands National Monument is also worth seeing.

Hueco Tanks

Rock climbers from all over the world know this park well. Unfortunately, access is now severely restricted. You might need a tour guide to get to some areas. You’ll likely need reservations and there’s a fee to get in. The park is located about 45 minutes from east El Paso. Highlights include rock climbing, hiking, bird watching, and rock art tours.

El Paso is a relaxed, safe, and highly under-rated city.

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Sources: [1][2]

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  • Albert Venti

    I am thinking more and more about El Paso-California is my home right now and I love it but its government is just to far gone and not worth it…

    • Armando Gomez-Berroteran

      I live in El Paso and I am very happy here. Plenty to do and got a great 1/2 acre house for under 200k. I’d say the biggest challenge is finding a good job here, but if you do, you’ll be sitting dandy.

      • Albert Venti

        thanks for your input-yes the jobs thing is a challenge…

      • Moving To Texas

        I agree.

    • Moving To Texas

      Yes, El Paso is a good option if you enjoy living in the desert and want to be immersed in Mexican-American culture.

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