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What You Should Know About Living In Texas

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Despite the myths, living in Texas is actually very similar to living in the rest of the United States. If you move to one of the bigger cities you won’t notice much difference. With that being said, there are some things that you might want to know about Texans and life in Texas. This page also includes some resources for new Texas residents.


You will probably notice two main things about Texans. They are very friendly and extremely independent. Texans are nice folks who like to handle their business without too much outside interference. They are very proud of their state heritage. They still flock to the Alamo in San Antonio to pay their respects to the legendary heroes of the Texas Revolution. A massive statue of Sam Houston stands in Huntsville. And Texans still celebrate Texas Independence Day every March 13th.

The pace of business is a little slower here. People tend to take more time to make decisions, which can be a challenge for those used to faster-paced business environments.

The Accent

Many people who are moving to Texas expect all Texans to have a southern, or Texas, accent. You will hear the Texas twang in some parts of the state, notably the Panhandle and East Texas. But in general, you won’t hear much of an accent in the big cities like Dallas, Austin, or Houston. Texans do tend to speak a bit more slowly than other Americans. And use of the word “ya’ll” instead of “you all” IS pretty widespread.

Cowboys & Cows

For some reason, outsiders seem to think that Texas is nothing but longhorn cattle and cowboys. Yes, there are real cowboys and cows in Texas. And yes, some people here will wear cowboy hats, although cowboy boots are more common. But, most people who live in Texas are modern day people who are not cowboys and don’t have any experience with cows.

Home Prices

Texas has a lot of land and for the most part, pro-growth development policies. For the most part, the supply keeps up with the demands of a rapidly growing population. That means lower home prices. That’s one of the reasons why so many people are moving to Texas. The average cost of a home in Texas is less than the national average.


In general, Texas is hot. Really hot. But it’s also a big state, so the type of heat depends on where you are at. For example, in west Texas it’s hot and dry. But in east Texas it’s hot and humid. Summertime in Texas is like winter in the north…you stay inside a lot. Central air conditioning makes life bearable. Spring and fall are beautiful. Winters are mild, with light snow and ice in some parts of the state. The weather in Texas is known for changing rapidly. Texas does have extreme weather like wildfires, tornadoes, and Gulf Coast hurricanes.

Guns & Concealed Weapons

Texas is a pro-gun state. Texans love their guns, and Texas respects your 2nd Amendment rights. Most law-abiding citizens can buy, own, and carry guns here with no problem. You may legally carry a concealed handgun in Texas. You just need to complete an all-day training class and apply for the license. Get your concealed handgun license from the Texas Department Of Public Safety.


Of course you have heard the phrase, “Everything Is Bigger In Texas.” It’s true, Texas is huge. It’s the second most populous state in the United States, second only to California. It’s also the second largest state by landmass, only Alaska is bigger. That makes it the largest state in the lower 48. It’s hard to fathom how big it actually is. Once you’re living in Texas, you’ll understand. It takes almost 13 hours to drive from El Paso, in far West Texas, to Orange, in deep east Texas.


And here’s a bit of history for new residents who are moving to Texas. It’s been ruled by six different nations…Spain, France, Mexico, the Confederate States of America, the Republic of Texas, and the United States of America. For more information on Texas history visit the Handbook of Texas Online.

As you can see, living in Texas has its advantages!

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    it is always good to find out about a state before moving to it. Check out everything one can. Plus make sure you have employment first and a place to live.

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