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Learn About The Top Cities In Texas

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Texas boasts some of the fastest-growing and dynamic cities in the nation. There are 5 major cities in Texas; Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso. These growing metro areas lead the country in population growth and job creation. Here are some of the largest cities in Texas. Just follow the links for more in-depth information on living in the biggest cities in Texas.

List Of Cities In Texas


This giant metro area is an economic juggernaut. It’s located on the steamy Buffalo Bayou in East Texas. The energy capital of the world, it’s the 4th most populous city in America.

Dallas – Fort Worth

This glamorous metropolis is located on the high plains of north Texas. Dallas is known for the Cowboys, Rangers, money, shopping and good nightlife.


The state capital is famous for live music, the tech industry, breakfast tacos, and bats. Austin is also home to 6th Street, F1 Racing, the Austin City Limits Festival, and South By Southwest.

San Antonio

This Texas city is the one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. The Alamo, the River Walk and Sea World are big draws. It has strong Mexican culture and a large military presence.

El Paso

The westernmost city in Texas, this tri-state metroplex sits on the banks of the Rio Grande, in the shadow of the Franklin Mountains. Like San Antonio, El Paso has military roots and vibrant Mexican culture.

Mid-Sized Cities In Texas

There are many medium-sized and small cities in Texas. Let’s look at a few.


“The Hub City” is located in the west Texas plains. It earned its nickname by being the center of activity for the surrounding agricultural region. It has a reputation for being both business-friendly and well educated. Lubbock is home three colleges, including its flagship school; Texas Tech. Lubbock High School has been rated multiple times as one of the best schools in the country. Lubbock County has been a “dry” county, meaning alcohol sales were very strict or prohibited. New laws have loosened things up a bit.

Corpus Christi

This semi-tropical beach town on the Gulf Coast has the 5th largest port in America. The city name means “Body of Christ” in Latin, named by the first Spanish conquistadors who landed there. It’s home to the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium, two popular tourist attractions. The city also has a museum district, and it’s great for bird watching. Day trips from Corpus include Mustang Island, South Padre, and the King Ranch.


Laredo sits on the Rio Grande in south Texas, directly across the border from Mexico. Laredo is arid, dry, and heavily influenced by Mexican culture. It’s an important international transit hub due to its strategic location on I-35 between Mexico and the US. Laredo is the third largest American border city, after El Paso and San Diego, CA.

And of course, Texas has countless other smaller cities and towns. And there are plenty of options for rural living. New residents should remember that small towns in Texas generally tend to be more culturally conservative than the larger Texas cities.

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