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Living In Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas at dusk

Dallas-Fort Worth is a giant metropolis sprawling across the North Texas plains. It includes Arlington, Denton, Garland, Irving, Plano, and other smaller towns. DFW is the largest metro area in the southern United States. It is an attractive area with much to offer new residents. You’ll like the low cost of living in Dallas, the jobs, and the business-friendly climate. It offers a good quality of life for its citizens. Are you moving to Dallas? Here are some highlights that make living in Dallas a solid choice for people who are moving to Texas.

More Jobs In Dallas

Jobs are one of the main reasons why people are moving to Dallas. It ranks as one of the fastest growing cities in America for jobs growth. [1] Dallas has an unemployment rate of 6.3 percent, lower than the national average. Old Dallas-Fort Worth built itself up on cattle, cotton, and oil. But today the city has a more diversified economy. Banking, technology, logistics, healthcare, energy, and telecommunications all play important roles. Dallas is currently home to 18 Fortune 500 companies, the third largest concentration in America. Exxon, AT&T, Fluor, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Dean Foods, Texas Instruments, Dr. Pepper Snapple, JC Penney, and others add to the pool of jobs in Dallas.

Affordable Homes

Dallas is the second most expensive metro area in Texas, after Austin. But prices are still mostly affordable. The median list price for a house in the DFW metro area is around $209,00.


The Dallas metro area is known for high-quality education. It boasts the best high school in the nation, the School For The Gifted And Talented. [2] The University of North Texas at Denton is one of the top colleges in the state. Other highly regarded schools include Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University.

Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair is like Texas drunk and on steroids. And it’s something everyone living in Dallas should see. The fair comes every September. It has an outsized economic impact on the region. The annual Texas-OU Game at the Cotton Bowl has historically been the fair’s main draw. Attend the auto show, see Big Tex, or sample some fried food.


If you love shopping then Dallas is the right place for you. Malls were born here…Highland Park Village is the oldest shopping center in America. And the metro area boasts “more shopping per capita” than any other US city. It’s filled with antique stores, boutiques, clothing stores, and other high-end retailers. Dallas is also home to the famous Neiman Marcus department store chain.


Dallas is a religious city. Of course, this is Texas, so Christianity reigns supreme. You will find countless churches representing nearly every Christian denomination on the planet. But most Texans are tolerant, and other major religions also thrive in the metroplex. DFW has the largest Jewish population in Texas. The oldest Islamic mosque in Texas is located in Denton. And the city has Hindus, Bhuddists, Sikhs, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others.

Food & Nightlife

Dallas has many restaurants, but it’s famous for BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Mexican food. While some consider Austin better for nightlife, DFW can hold its own. There are many entertainment options, bars and clubs. The Black Swan Saloon, the Ginger Man, BarBelmont, and the Candleroom are good choices for drinks and lounging. Or, check out the Granada Theater or House of Blues for live music.

Pro Sports

Dallas is home to four pro sports teams. The Cowboys are the second most valuable sports franchise in the world. They play football at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. DFW baseball fans follow the Texas Rangers, who play at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Fans also follow the Stanley Cup-winning Stars or the NBA Championship-winning Mavericks.

Arts & Culture

You might not think of Dallas as an artistic city. But it has a thriving Arts District, with multiple museums, music venues, and art installations. The Dallas Museum of Art is a must-see for art lovers. And the Meadows Museum at SMU is famous for housing one of the largest collections of Spanish art in the world (outside of Spain). Several neighborhoods in Dallas are hotbeds for live music and artists. Deep Ellum is the most famous example, but the Cedars Neighborhood is also enjoying an artistic revival. Dallas also offers excellent attractions like the Dallas World Aquarium in the West End District.

So consider Dallas-Ft. Worth if you’re planning on living in Texas.

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Sources: [1][2]

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  • GalaxyGal-of-The-New-WO

    I don’t know when this article was written, but as someone who will most likely be following her employer to DFW from Southern California, I really appreciate the “Dallas in a nutshell” review, I found it very helpful. I’ve only traveled to Texas a couple of times before (Houston and San Antonio) and while I really enjoyed it, I realize its a completely different matter actually living there, not to mention that each big City has its own cultural vibe. I’m nervous about leaving Southern California, but at the same time I’m really looking forward to the adventure of discovering what Dallas and the surrounding areas have to offer. Compared to many in my company, I have the advantage of family and friends already living in DFW and Austin areas, so it’s nice to know I have an automatic built in “social-network” in Northern Texas that will help make my transition easier. :)

    • Moving To Texas

      No problem, thanks for stopping by! You’ll like Dallas. ;)

  • Cassandra

    I currently live in a small area in Louisiana. I am originally from New York. I do not want to move back up north and want to remain in a relatively warmer climate. I am a city girl at heart and I am considering the DFW area. I’d like to know where would be a good place to move, where I am in close proximity to EVERYTHING?

    • monie

      Me too, Cassandra! I’m currently in RI, and my husband and I are seriously considering the DFW area for us and our family.. Were you able to get answers to your questions anywhere else?

      • Cassandra

        Not yet. My sister and a good friend of mine live there, but their move is still brand new and so they aren’t that familiar with anything to recommend.

        • Cherie A

          Cassandra, I am so looking forward to any feedback that you receive from your sister and friend. Thanks for chiming in.

    • Moving To Texas

      Hi Cassandra

      I’ve never lived in Dallas, so hard to recommend a neighborhood.

      Hopefully some readers can chime in…

  • monie

    Thank you for this article..!

    • Moving To Texas

      No problem!

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