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What Parents Should Know About Home Schooling In Texas

Home Schooling

Studies show that a customized home school program, tailored to the needs of individual students, is the best way to educated kids. Home schooled children consistently outperform their peers. [1]

Despite the proof, many less enlightened state governments treat home schooling families like common criminals. Rather than embracing citizens who actually care about their children, these states throw up so many rules, bureaucrats, and regulations that they make good home schooling almost impossible.

Texas Home Schooling Facts

In contrast, Texas has one of the best home schooling climates in the nation. Home schooling in Texas is legal and very lightly regulated. Courts in Texas have decided that home schools are private schools. And private schools aren’t regulated by the state.

So, Texas parents have a lot of freedom to decide how, where, and what their children learn. And, they are able to do so at their own discretion, without much interference or “permission” from government officials. Texas leads the nation in this area. There are around 120,000 home schooling families in Texas, educating 300,000 children. [2]

So, although Texas has some of the best schools in the country, some Texans choose to home school their children instead. What are the rules concerning Texas home schools? Despite the freedom, there are still basic standards. Let’s go over the minimum state requirements.

Home Schooling Requirements In Texas

  1. Parents must teach real, bona fide lessons and curriculum
  2. Courses must be in visual form, for example books, computer instruction, workbooks, etc.
  3. Math, spelling, reading, grammar and good citizenship are all required subjects.

Despite the evidence that supports home schooling, some are still skeptical. Let’s address some common concerns and issues.


Some parents who are new to home schooling worry about socialization. They don’t want their kid to be a loser with no friends. But home schooled kids can be well-socialized. Parents, with input from the kids, are able to choose where children spend their free time. In Texas, parents often find and connect with other home school families in their area. These families can network, socialize, and support each other. Kids can also join clubs, camps, day camps, church groups, sports leagues, or other activities. And there’s another added benefit. Home school kids get the freedom to socialize with a variety of different age groups, not just their own peers. This can lead to better real-world social skills.

Parent Training

No, you don’t have to be a trained teacher to home school your kids properly. How much work you want to put into preparation depends on you. At one extreme, you could act as a full-time teacher, creating an in-depth curriculum and teaching your child for hours each day. Or, you could pick out computer or web-based teaching material and simply lightly supervise your child as they learn. This method reduces your time investment. Or, you could do a mix of both strategies.

Ready For College?

Are home schooled children properly prepared for college? What are the facts on college students who’ve been home schooled? How do they do?

When compared against public, private, and Catholic school graduates…home schooled children to very well. Home schooled children score better than their counterparts do across the board. They have higher first year and fourth year GPA’s. And, they have higher four-year college graduation rates. [3]

Home schooling is a great option for parents who want more control over their child’s education. Do you want to home school your kids, but live in a state that makes it difficult? You should consider moving to Texas, where you have more freedom to decide how your child is educated. The Texas Home School Coalition is a good resource for parents who want to learn more details about home schooling in Texas.

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Sources: [1][2][3]

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